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Domoto Kyoudai is a livejournal community dedicated to the Johnny's Entertainment duo KinKi Kids.
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are a Johnny's Entertainment duo that debuted with the single Glass no Shounen in 1997. Their group name comes from the Kinki area, where they were both born. They are unrelated, although their current music variety show is entitled "New Domoto Brothers."
»domoto koichi (堂本光一)
Born: January 1, 1979; 30 years old
From: Hyogo
Solo: 2004 as Domoto Koichi
Long-running stage show: Shock
»domoto tsuyoshi (堂本剛)
Born: April 10, 1979; 30 years old
From: Nara
Solo: 2002 as Domoto Tsuyoshi, 2006 as Endlicheri Endlicheri, 2009 as Tsuyo-shi
Long-running TV variety show: Shoujiki Shindoi

this is a kinki kids community
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