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SUKKIRI ~ name the character that Domoto Tsuyoshi plays in Gintama movie (format: romaji – no space nor dash – 16 alphabets)

HIRUNANDESU ~ date of birth of the character that Domoto Tsuyoshi plays in Gintama movie (format: monthdate – no space nor dash – 4 digits)

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~ Pinkie (@chibiachan26)

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Hi everyone, I've translated two things.
I hope you can find it useful.


Love Fighter 170721

it's been 20 years since our CD debut

it seems quick
but actually took a long time
I often feel this way

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GAYO CM "KinKi Unleashed" Ver. [English Subbed]

Download: mega
Credit: clubbox
16 July 2017 @ 01:50 pm
As you know, Tomoya Nagase san and Ikuta Toma san came to support koichi for the kinki kids party (today it was masuda, I read that Maru and Ueda back danced or something!)

So, I found Toma's entry in his Jweb and I felt the need to share it, he seriously made me cry *baka* I am glad he has such feelings towards his senpais and Koichi... he did his best, he is amazing.
Tsuyoshi looked great through the live transmission according to the papapics I saw... they're both amazing, I am glad many people could show their support, even though Tsuyo couldn't be there physically and be by his aikata's side.
I am glad I got to know them, and like Toma, I am grateful to them 💖

Thank you kinki kids.
Congratulations Kinki kids

Here is the entry:
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PS: Oohhh Tackey also showed up! Thank you tackey 💕👍
14 July 2017 @ 03:04 pm
Finally!! Tsuyo updated his Jweb... let's pray for his recovery. he is such a sweetheart <3
And also, miracle!! Koichi updated show must go on after 10 months of void *clapclap*


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12 July 2017 @ 08:45 pm

Hello Minna!!!

They are so cute with pink hair. *-*


11 July 2017 @ 06:44 pm

Koichi singing alone again...
Tsuyoshi really misses. I am sad to see Koichi alone but agree to let Tsuyoshi fully recover before returning. His health always comes first.

Tsuyoshi, be well! 💙

Koichi, thank you for being there. ❤

The quality of the video is not very good... Sorry :(



Hello Minna!!!

This program is sooo funny!!!

Tsuyoshi is cute and smiling a lot.




Ps. I would like someone to translate this program. 🙏

Dear all KinKi friends,
I'm so happy and grateful that finally my trip to Japan this weekend has been confirmed. However currently still desperately looking for tickets for Yokohama Stadium event on 15 or 16. Would there be any kind KinKi fan soul who have extra tickets, or being able to help on getting ones please?

One of these special handmade KinKi themed items will be offered as a token of gratitude, as well as several more surprise gifts <3
[Red & Blue gifts]
Red & Blue <3

Also hoping to meet with many more KinKi friends while I'm in Tokyo this weekend till next week! Wonder if there are any KinKi fan gathering or meetup in Tokyo as fans are gathering all over the world to celebrate the 20th Anniversary ^-^
I am from Indonesia btw, and would be traveling alone from Jakarta (kinda sad yeah, haha). Wondering if there are any other KinKi fans from Indonesia going to Japan for 20th Anniversary celebration?

Doumo arigatou gozaimashita~~
Hi all!

I will be taking pre-orders for the upcoming KinKi Kids Party Event Goods.
Please refer to this post if you are interested!

All orders have to be in by 14th July in order to be processed.
Thank you!